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157,380 games were scored in LMS this month.
Get your league started today with FargoRate and LMS!

Fargo Ratings and League Management

Imagine, as we do, a world in which all pool players everywhere are connected by Fargo Ratings.

Realizing this vision requires a new kind of tool for league management, a tool that is robust, easy to use, and as suited for a small-town local league as it is for a major integrated league system.

FargoRate LMS (League Management System) is that tool.



Key Features

Schedule Generator

Creating a league schedule can be complicated. Factors such as the number of teams, weeks, locations, available tables, teams at each location, holidays, and weather issues can make scheduling a nightmare. With LMS, simply enter the information and the system does the rest.

Copy Divisions

New sessions often have the same division settings and many of the same teams and players as previous ones. With LMS, save time by simply copying the entire division and editing the changes.

FargoRate Integration

LMS is the only league management system integrated with FargoRate. League data flows from LMS directly into FargoRate to provide you with sound player ratings. Additionally, updated Fargo Ratings flow back into LMS for optional easy-to-use league handicapping.

Format Flexibility

Developed with input from league operators around the world, LMS supports a variety of games, formats, scoring methods and handicapping methods. The result is a league management system that works your way.

League Standings, Stats & Results

With LMS you can publish schedules, scores, and online league standings for your players.

Mobile Scoring Apps

Lost paperwork and poor handwriting are a thing of the past. The LMS mobile scoring app allows players and teams to score matches right on their smart-phones or tablets (iOS and Android).

Manage your league from anywhere

LMS is an online platform that allows you to manage your league from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. There is no need to race home or make your members wait to solve an issue or answer a question.

Three Ways to Start Using LMS

Join USA Pool League

The USA Pool League is an amateur handicapped league, completely powered by FargoRate, that offers 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball team formats. This option includes benefits such as eligibility for all USA Pool League events, mobile scoring app, league promotional materials and much more.

Cost $0

click here for a list of benefits.

Join the BCA Pool League

The BCA Pool League is a league-sanctioning organization that unifies independent leagues around the globe. This option is available to all leagues, even those sanctioned by other organizations, and includes benefits such as eligibility for all BCA Pool League events, league promotional materials and much more.

Cost: $20/player/year

click here for a list of benefits.

Register with FargoRate

Don’t want to join the USA Pool League or BCA Pool League? No problem. Get access to LMS and Fargo ratings by registering directly with FargoRate by choosing this option. Wide range of league formats.

Cost: $20/player/year.

Apps & Downloads

The LMS software platform requires no download. To get started, click the button below to create your League.

The LMS Scoring app will be available for download in iTunes and the Google Play Store.

LMS Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways of getting started with LMS. The first is to sanction your league with one of CSI's sanctioning bodies (BCA Pool League or USA Pool League). Sanctioning with BCA Pool League costs $20/player/year. There are benefits that come from sanctioning that include being able to participate in the BCA Pool League World Championships in Las Vegas. This option is available even if your league is affiliated with another organization or sanctioning body. You may instead want to sanction with the USA Pool League. USA Pool League has no yearly sanctioning fee. Again, there are benefits to doing this. Either way (BCA Pool League or USA Pool League), you get access to LMS and all things FargoRate for no additional cost.

The second way is to register for LMS directly with FargoRate. This method also costs $20/player/year. It is appropriate for leagues that want to use LMS and participate in the FargoRate system but choose to be or remain independent or choose sole affiliation with an organization other than CSI.

You do not have to sanction with a sanctioning body to start using LMS though there are many benefits from doing so.

LMS is free to use if your league is sanctioned through CSI. If you are not, LMS bills league operators monthly for any new players that have played two or more weeks in a league. A "new" player is anyone that played their second week during a given month. Invoices are emailed at the end of every month with the names of any new players that require payment. Operators are required to have a payment method on file and payment will be withdrawn the 3rd day of each month for the amount indicated on the prior month's invoice.

Yes. You may create a division and keep it in "test" mode. With your test division, you may add locations and teams, add players to teams, create a schedule, score test matches, and view the public reports your players would see. If you like what you see you may then proceed to BCAPL/USAPL sanctioning or continue on with FargoRate.

Tons. Really...we support just about every league format we have heard of. If we don't already have support for your league's format, LMS has a custom scoresheet builder. You can use this to design a scoresheet layout that matches yours. Still not able to match your format? No problem. Let us know and we will try to add support for your league. We have already done this for many leagues.

All of the games entered into LMS each day are copied to FargoRate and applied to players' ratings overnight. If your players enter a match using the mobile scoring app, those matches enter the system automatically with no effort from you. If you have to enter the scores manually from paper scoresheets, the scores will not be applied to the players' ratings until you have actually entered the scoresheets.


Nope. (Not yet anyway. We are working on it.)